The book that I found in the garage was the first edition published in May 1969. Since then it has seen 2 revisions: the second edition was published in October 1969, and the third edition was published in May 1994 to mark the 50th anniversary of the battle at Monte Cassino.

Mr. Kuczyński has been kind enough to supply me with a copy of the third edition which features corrections and omissions as well as 33 extra plates.

In addition to the illustrations, the book contains two pages of text, links to which you can find below - at the moment they're in Polish, but I do hope to get them translated in the not too distant future. The front cover is printed in colour, and can also be accessed via the link given below.

I have included an index of illustrations, but once inside the gallery there are no links back to it - you'll either have to use the 'back' button in your browser or come through this page to access the index again.

Front cover.
Authors note.

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The commanders, the volunteers young and old, friends and brothers of the Polish Second Corps, I dedicate this book to you.