This site came about after I discovered a book in the garage called "Dzieje 2go Korpusu... Inaczej!" - a history of the Polish Second Corps illustrated by Mieczysław Kuczyński and first published in 1969.

My Grandfather served in the Second Corps, so I knew a little about the history, but I'd never seen it depicted in such a manner. Initially I wanted to put up a simple web gallery of the illustrations, but after some thought decided that they needed a wider context - hence this site. In addition to the drawings that are shown here, I am hoping to develop sections that deal with contemporary photographs and memorabilia: a kind of visual archive dedicated to the Polish Second Corps.

As yet, I haven't had the time to translate the Polish into English as it's not simply a matter of a word for word translation. In many cases some cultural and historic knowledge is needed to best convey what is being said - if you're viewing this site and you think you can help me, then please get in touch!

I must stress that the copyright for the illustrations belongs to Mieczysław Kuczyński, but I'm very pleased to say that I have been able to contact him with regards to displaying the work on this site, to which he has very kindly agreed.

Mr. Kuczyński currently lives in Birmingham, England, and in October 2003 celebrated his 80th birthday. He is also a regular contributor to "Wiadomości" - a newsletter circulated amongst the Polish community in the Midlands.

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An Alternative History of the Polish 2nd Corps...!