I have another couple of pages that may be of interest to visitors:

Warszawa is a site that features photographs of Warsaw circa 1920 - truly a beautiful city.

Wolna Piosenka is a collection of songs/poems by Feliks Konarski (Ref-Ren) most notably famous for his penning of "Czerwone Maki Na Monte Cassino".

'Paper War' is an excellent book. I am pleased to say that I have been in touch with the publisher (Mark Batty), and he has kindly granted me permission to reproduce several of the plates. You can see them in the 'Memorabilia' section of this site. The book features Nazi propaganda directed at the allies in one battle, on a single day - Cassino, Italy, May 11, 1944. Fascinating and highly recommended. The book is available for purchase from either the publisher's site or from amazon.com.

A Forgotten Odyssey is a good place to start searching for more information regarding the Soviet annexation of Poland.

Robert Ambros has a great site with plenty of information regarding the Polish 2nd Corps. He has also written two novels based around this subject which are available for purchase via his site.

The Kresy-Siberia Group brings into contact people with a special interest in the tragedy of over one million Polish citizens of various faiths and ethnicity's arrested or deported from eastern Poland (Kresy) in 1940-41 to special labour camps in Siberia, Kazakhstan and Soviet Asia.

The text found in the 'History' section was paraphrased, by kind permission, from an article written by Mieczysław Kasprzyk, you can find the entire piece here.

The KARTA Center - an independent non-governmental organization (incorporated as a foundation), documenting and popularizing the recent history of Poland and Eastern Europe. The page is available in Polish, English and German. For those of you who may be searching for information relating to family members the site links to a searchable database known as the 'Index of the Repressed' - you can access the search facility directly by clicking here. For the non-Polish speakers I have created a simple guide on how to use this feature.

If you're sure that a relative of yours served with the Second Corps and you'd like to get hold of their service record, then the Polish Enquiries Office (based at RAF Northolt) should be your first port of call. The Second Corps fought under the command of the British Eighth Army, which is why the British Ministry of Defence holds the records. You can email them on . Alternatively you can telephone them on +44 (0) 208 833 8603. Before calling, make sure you have as many details as possible to hand, this will help them to pin-point any records they may hold. Should you want them to mail you photocopies of any relevant paperwork then be advised that a small fee is payable. The information you can expect to receive will normally include a list of the theatres in which your relative fought, along with copies of conscription paperwork etc. They'll be able to inform you as to what's available.