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Polish Second Corps legitimacy document and badge.
5th Kresowa Infantry Division legitimacy document and badge.
5 Kresowy Baon CKM legitimacy document and badge.
Monte Cassino Cross legitimacy document and medal.
The 1939-45 / Africa and Italy Stars legitimacy document and medals.


Poczta Osiedli Polskich w Italii (Polish Settlements in Italy Postage Stamps).
Freedom for Poland (Stamp issued in English).


This section features 4 pieces of propaganda (including translations) specifically aimed at the Poles. The material appears courtesy of Mark Batty Publisher and is taken from the book 'Paper War' which features fourteen other pieces of propaganda aimed at the Poles, the English, the Americans and the Hindus fighting at Cassino.

Do Domu! (Go Home!)
Polacy. Idziecie Do Cassino! (Poles. You're Going To Cassino!)
Polaku. Czy Chcesz Tutaj Umierać? (Pole. Do You Want To Die Here?)
Czyż Są To Barwy Twojego Kraju? (Are These The Colours Of Your Country?)