This part of the site is currently under construction.

Perhaps I'm being a little optimistic, but I'd dearly love to devote this section of the site to images that are contributed by readers, the only criteria being that they are directly related to the 2nd Corps in action, at rest, or based at camps here in England after the war. I'd also be very interested in hearing about any old cine films that you may have.

Names, places and dates would contribute to making this into a fascinating archive, and a fitting space devoted to the memories of our hard hitting fore-fathers.

If you don't have access to a scanner but have material that you would like to share, and you live locally (Midlands, UK) then I can do the scanning for you. You can be sure that all items submitted will be handled with the greatest respect and care. If you'd like to contribute then please get in touch with me via the contact page.
Witold Werbel (Left)
On the left is my late Grandfather Witold Werbel (1909-2003). I have no information regarding the man on the right.
The photograph was taken in Syria.